Kat and Gavin- A Steampunk Story

This is a bit tardy, but I’m a grad student so I try not to care.

On October 9, 2010 one of my very best friends in the world got married. And I got to be there! In fact, I was a bridesmaid. Fancy, right? So fancy in fact, I even made my own outfit.

You heard right. Made my outfit. Granted, all the other ladies did as well. Why, you ask? Because it was a Steampunk wedding. Super fun!

The bride had her dress made, but the rest of us did it on our own. Unfortunately, I don’t really have pictures of the process as my skirt was brown. Many layers of slightly different brown fabric. Turns out? Brown doesn’t photograph so well. I can tell you the basic idea: zombie skirt!

My inspiration:

omfg ruffles

From Skingraft

Ok, so no, it did not turn out exactly like that skirt. I am no great seamstress. I did figure out how to do it though. I went to the salvation army and bought 4 skirts of different lengths and shades of brown. A short one for the base, a long one for length (heh.), and two ruffly ones for ruffly effect.

With the exception of the base skirt, I took a seam ripper to each skirt. My friend Lulie referred to my design as a “butt cape” which is as hilarious as it is apt. Essentially I took each skirt and attached it, capelike, to the base skirt. This meant that I had to sew though 4 waistbands to get the thing to stay together and required a sewing machine. So I bought one and I love it.

The process. Pictured: my assistant

The cats, however, thought the sewing machine was a great new toy. Paws + moving needles= bad news. Thankfully I kept them away from the really dangerous bits. But damn, they made it a process. But since I have no other pictures of the process you get pictures of the finished project:

The Skirt

Back View- kinda

As you see, I’m not afraid to put my face on the internet. Hello, internet.

So yes, butt cape. I added a few buttons on the front for looks. I didn’t have to worry about a zipper or functional buttons because the base skirt had an elastic waistband. This worked well for the wedding, but the weight of the other skirts has since stretched the waistband out, so now I get to find a different skirt for the base and need to figure out how to make it work. But hey, it turned out ok for the wedding.

Well, we had a good time at least.

Wedding Regalia- by Brett Maxwell



American Wedding by Gogol Bordello



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