Charcutepalooza: Grinding

Hello, loves. I apologize again for being absent. But you will be happy to know that my thesis was passed by my advisor and my department and, except for the walking across stage bit, I now hold a Master’s degree. Swanky right?

Of more interest, this month’s challenge was grinding! This challenge could not come at a better time. Not a handful of days before it was announced, I was griping about how it was impossible to find Mexican chorizo here in NYC. And then I was invited ( nay, challenged!) to make my own. Joy of joys. I just needed to get my hands on a grinder. Fortunately, it was also my birthday and my mom offered to buy me a grinder as a gift. Score!

So, as usual, I made my way down to the Union Square Farmer’s Market and bought some pork butt from Flying Pigs Farm . The guys working the booth are always interested in hearing about the monthly challenges.

I took on both of the challenges this month, as usual. The breakfast sausage turned out really well, after I finally figured out how to get the grinder to work. I used Alton Brown’s recipe and it was pretty much perfect. My test patty was amazing, if a little heavy on the sage. I’ll cut back on that next time. I stored the sausage as both 2oz patties and a roll. Options are never a bad idea. Looking forward to making biscuits and gravy for breakfast here sometime. Yum.

The chorizo was a little harder to deal with.  I was dealing with different amounts and tried to work with both scaling down the recipe and not being able to find the right peppers. I’m not going to post the recipe I made up because it’s a not quite right. It’s got a delightful sweetness thanks to the apple cider vinegar (that’s what makes it crumbly) but it doesn’t quite have the heat or depth of flavor I’m looking for. Back to the drawing (grinding!) board. I did make some chorizo and eggs this morning, though. Made me a little homesick for LA. But not that homesick.

After doing both of these challenges in a single day, my arms hated me for a while. The grinder i have also didn’t attach to the counter and it’s hand cranked so I had to hold it down while still trying to crank the damn thing. I’ve got bruises. Totally worth it.

Looking forward to next month’s challenge!


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A graduate student with two cats and a passion for good food and good conversation, both preferably shared with friends.
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