Bundle of Joy

I mentioned in my last post that as of tomorrow I will be a Master of Arts. Fancy right? Well, that goes hand in hand with a graduation which also tends to go hand in hand with presents. I love me some presents. Who doesn’t?

My dad wins at present giving. Both of my parents are pretty good at it––they know me pretty well. But man, Dad hit the nail on the head this time. Friday evening there’s a knock on the door and the UPS man gives me a smile and a rather heavy package with a rather familiar name emblazoned across the side. A little shellshocked, I set it down in the middle of my floor and sat across from it, staring. Now, I am rarely speechless. I don’t think I said a word for almost five minutes as I sat across the room from a box staring at the name.

Kitchen Aid

Then I tore into the packaging and hugged the machine (so pretty!) and called my dad and then my best friend, squealing.

Some of you might wonder why a stand mixer would send me into gales of glee. Growing up, my mom’s best friend’s mom, Granny, had a Kitchen Aid that Steven, Kevin and I grew up learning to bake with. When Granny passed away, my mom inherited the mixer. Working with Granny in the kitchen those summers is some of what made me come to love cooking. She had a deft hand in the kitchen that spilled into other aspects of her life ––she mainly designed, painted and clothed porcelain dolls, an art she tried to teach us. Kevin was best at painting eyelashes. I had the best hand-stitching. Anyhow, I’ve loved that white Kitchen Aid mixer since I was a kid and have always wanted one of my own. I was told “When you get married”. Apparently earning my MA is equal to getting married in the gift giving book. Excellent.

Her name is Delilah. Isn’t she pretty?


About Wish

A graduate student with two cats and a passion for good food and good conversation, both preferably shared with friends.
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