Charcutepalooza Challenge: Duck Confit

This month’s theme: Stretching. Not like the Spanish Inquisition or Stretch Armstrong, but in a “let’s make this work” sort of way by stretching skills and preservation. For my part,  I decided to go with duck confit. Certainly not my most creative decision, but the best choice for my time and budget constraints this month.  Ah, my delightful duck, you were delicious.

Once I got over my surprise at the head I was greeted with when I unwrapped the duck (hello, entire duck!) I got into the process of breaking it down- an entry for a later date. It’s the legs we’re interested in today. Confit is just a process of preserving bits of an animal using its own fat. If that doesn’t sound decadent and delicious to you then I question your taste. Spices! Fat! Meat! All the delicious things!

In rendering the fat, I did add a bit of water to help control the heat, as suggested by various sources. I was so worried about having enough fat that I bought some from the butcher, but I needen’t have worried. Duck is fatty. I was worried about the rendering process, however and probably didn’t let it go on as long as I should’ve. I didn’t have the cracklings left over so much as vaguely crispy bits. Don’t do that, eat all the cracklings.

Though this is a preservation technique, the duck confit didn’t last that long in my house. By the end of the following two days everything was gone. I ate it on salads and by itself. I hoarded it jealously and sneaked tastes at midnight- a furtive confit. And for my efforts I had a gleaming jar of duck fat with which to roast the most delicious potatoes. Life is really hard. I’m just going to have to do this again. I promise, there will be further duck adventures


About Wish

A graduate student with two cats and a passion for good food and good conversation, both preferably shared with friends.
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One Response to Charcutepalooza Challenge: Duck Confit

  1. Gorgeous! And I agree, who in their right mind would want to preserve the confit for any amount of time? 😉

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